Realize 2020

Virtual Event – Netherlands & Belgium
Tuesday 17 November

Agenda 17 November

Micro Focus Realize 2020 on Tuesday 17 November is a virtual event, held in a special digital venue. The agenda is split in a plenary session followed by four Digital Transformation streams. On 17 November you can choose to follow one of the four streams and watch the other three later that week.

Note that all sessions will be in Dutch unless indicated otherwise. If you are interested in the content of a session in English, please let us know and we will find a way.

Plenary Sessions

09:15 – 10:30

Plenary session in live talkshow setting

The Race to Digital Transformation

Those who are successful in pursuing Digital transformation (DX) recognize that it is a race. Current and upstart competitors are pursuing similar projects, with a strong sense of urgency, intent on immediately capturing market share. Those who are successful over time also are conscious that changes made must be synergistic and sustainable versus a series of short-term fixes. Lasting success therefore requires a balanced and methodical approach, with a series of interconnected initiatives.

Realize 2020 will start with a live session in a talkshow setting, in which our Director Channel for Northern Europe Remco van Dijk will interview Stef van Rookhuijzen, Managing Director Micro Focus Netherlands and various guests on their views and experiences with Digital Transformation. Also Raffi MargaliotSenior Vice President and General Manager at Micro Focus will be one of the speakers, followed by a client case presentation. This plenary session will end with short introductions to the four digital transformation streams.

More information will follow shortly.

Raffi Margaliot: Strategies to Crush Complexity in Software Delivery

An explosion of infinite change has been ignited by evolving technologies, cloud, Artificial Intelligence and analytics, and fueled by the growth of projects, people and tools in software development. As complexity increases, so does the list of concerns that distract and exhaust teams. The Application Delivery Management approach to tackling complexity is organized into four themes: distill and align strategy, reveal how work is done, automate where possible, and build smarter processes. Join Raffi and learn to understand how you can you remove roadblocks, and bring order to the chaos.

Speaker: Raffi Margaliot – Senior Vice President and General Manager

Interview: Leon Fakkel, SAP

We are experiencing interesting times. At the beginning of this year nobody could have imagined all that has happened. The necessity to transform has become even bigger than before. But it depends on the situation of each organization what happens. Some businesses are delaying transformation programs because of the pandemic, others are moving forward even faster. The one thing all organizations have in common, is that the whole situation makes you think: what can you do if your business suddenly stops? That is why businesses should always look for new paths and new technologies. In this session Leon Fakkel will show you how to get started.

Interviewee: Leon Fakkel – Sales Director Platform & Technologies at SAP

Four Digital transformation Streams


Accelerate secure innovation delivery


The impact of continuous change on IT experience


IT challenges in an always connected world


Users and behavior: your biggest security risk?

10:30 – 12:00


Accelerate secure innovation delivery

DevSecOps stream for developers, testing professionals, security specialists, quality managers, change managers, IT architects.

This stream will be entirely English-spoken. 

Welcome – Introduction

Organizations today accelerate the development of new products, services and business models and create new ways for citizens and businesses to interact in their daily lives. With greater pressure to drive software innovation, application delivery teams must accelerate and adapt to meet existing and new demands. This session shows how to deliver at high speed with low risk, reliably scaling DevSecOps across all environments, from mainframe to cloud, quickly bringing innovative ideas to life. Real-life experiences from Micro Focus customers and application delivery experts will help highlight challenges and understand practical solutions.

Your session host: Mark Grotenhuis – Client Director Netherlands at Micro Focus

How to ensure software quality while transforming to a DevOps way of working

A practical approach for implementation and enablement within teams
Meeting business demands by implementing new and enhanced applications fast and successfully requires seamless cooperation between business and IT roles. In the light of an annual roadmap, short-term goals and quarterly priorities are set, that are achieved with bi-weekly sprints and constant evaluation. Also testing needs change: test and development teams need to work closely together, sharing test data responsibility. The result of this way of working: better software quality, more transparency and a single source of truth. This session shows how this agile way of working is implemented successfully in a global FMCG company.

Client case: a global FMCG company
Speaker information will follow

Creating a single view on DevSecOps and quality

How to reconnect security practices and quality aspects within the DevOps ecosystem
Embedding quality on a functional, performance or security level, has always been one of the most challenging aspects of software development. Now organizations are turning to DevOps to meet fast changing business demands, the danger arises of a disconnect with quality and security. This session shows how you can take ownership of all aspects regarding quality, from mainframe to mobile, from functional to security aspects, by embedding quality in every development phase. It also discusses, where to start your journey from where you are now to where you would like to be.

Arno van der Velde – Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

A secure DevOps pipeline

Shifting left: dynamic application security testing
In a DevOps environment security testing should be part of the testing cycle right from the start. In this way the amount of effort needed at the end can be reduced dramatically. This session shows you how to make dynamic security testing part of an automated test process, with an improved API that allows better integration with DevOps pipelines and reduced scan times to meet the nightly builds.

Speaker: Frans van Buul – Practice Lead Application Security at Micro Focus

Quality for DevOps teams

Dennis Geurts, CX&D Lead Software Architect at Sogeti
Mark van der Walle, Software Architect at Sogeti

10:30 – 12:00


The impact of continuous change on IT experience

Hybrid IT stream for IT managers, service desk managers, IT support managers, change managers

Welcome – Introduction

In today’s fast-changing world keeping oneself up to date with the latest techniques and trends not only delivers a better user experience, but also gives you a leading edge over the competition. The challenge that customers now face is that Digital Transformation is fueling further acceleration of change. They have to run the business and keep up with the pace of change to be able to address the latest business demands. Diverse, unpredictable and constantly changing, hybrid IT requests come with a new level of complexity that cannot be controlled by conventional management methods. During this stream you will learn how our solutions can simplify that complexity and transform IT into an agile, services-driven organization, contributing to a better user experience.

Your session host: Derk Looij – Account Executive at Micro Focus

Using the customer journey as a steppingstone for digital transformation
expleoAn optimized customer experience can make the difference between success or just survival. Rutger Slob takes you on a journey showing you the path towards a better customer experience, from mapping the current experience until the realization of the desired experience. Learn why this is essential to digital transformation and how it helps every IT organization to realize the right things faster.

Speaker: Rutger Slob – Experience Design Lead, Expleo Management Consulting

Add value to your digital transformation with a smart IT factory

How to build a roadmap for developing value streams
To support digital transformation of business services (or digital products) an IT factory should be built that is able to provide digital transformations continuously. Insight in the service’s value chain and its maturity today and in the future is essential for this. During this session you will learn which primary use cases (value streams) are necessary to realize value for IT customers (more efficient, faster, better, safer). You will also see how you can build a three-dimensional roadmap by setting a target operating model for the IT factory, determine its present status and ambitions for the future and build a roadmap with initiatives for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Etienne Terpstra Hollander – Global Chief Architect Hybrid IT Solutions at Micro Focus

Lean automation for smarter service management

Meet all your service desk and ITSM needs with service management automation
Intuitive, personalized, no-wait self-service – people expect it everywhere, including at work. Delivering connected, automated, informed experiences, powered by machine learning, to every employee and customer will boost customer experience. In this session we will show you how service management automation can simplify service desk use, decrease the cost of IT service management and unburden service desk agents at the same time. Smarter for employees, smarter for IT.

Joel Eijssen –  Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

Welcome to One Automation

Are you looking at optimizing your IT budget? Are you able to deliver quality enterprise applications on time? Are your able to provide seamless end user experience? Are you looking for a digital transformation enabler?

Sandeep Navghane – Expleo

10:30 – 12:00


IT challenges in an always connected world

Connectivity stream for functional testers, security testers, risk managers, administrators; anyone involved in making services available for a variety of devices and environments

Welcome – Introduction

How connected we all are, we can experience in today’s pandemic world. Most of us work from home, keeping contact with our colleagues using apps on mobile devices. And meanwhile more and more other devices get connected to the internet of things. But there is more to this phenomenon. The development of open source software has turned application development into a ‘connected’ activity – using and connecting open source components to develop new applications. This stream addresses this new trend and its application development and security implications.

Speaker: Arthur Kemme – Account Executive at Micro Focus

Improve mobile user experience as a decentralized team

How to build a lab of mobile devices and emulators and enable your team to reserve and control remotely.
A mobile app for everything, also for all core business processes. How can a developer or tester keep pace with the speed of new releases across so many devices and operating systems? How can you deliver high-quality mobile apps and ensure a consistent, positive user experience under any circumstance? And how do you amplifiy your dev team’s productivity as they are decentralized digital nomads as well nowadays? In this session we show you, based on several customer cases how you can validate all aspects of the mobile user experience including functionality, performance, and security using services simulations and network virtualization.

Speaker: Arno van der Velde – Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

Open Source software and security

How can you be sure the software you use is safe?
Developing modern business applications is not an isolated activity. Developers use open source libraries that are built into their own software. In fact, typical applications consist of open source libraries for 80 to 90%. Only 10 to 20% of the code is being developed. However, open source software can contain security vulnerabilities that will make these developed applications vulnerable as well. How can you protect your software against this? During this session we will introduce you to ‘Software Composition Analysis’, a modern technique that enables organizations to analyze which open source libraries are in use and which vulnerabilities they contain. This new functionality has been added to the Micro Focus Fortify application security portfolio.

Speaker: Frans van Buul – Practice Lead application Security at Micro Focus

Working from anywhere: a new era comes with new challenges

How to reduce the risk caused by always-connected, mobile employees
Home or mobile workers need to have access to their data and applications any time. This new way of working means we are facing new kinds of security risks. End point data needs to be protected better, data in motion encrypted, application access needs te be secured, as well as e-mail communication. This session shows you how to facilitate your employees with the right tools anytime anywhere while protecting all company assets and data in the meantime.

Speaker: Chris Winter – Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

Partner Presentation. TATA Consultancy Services

10:30 – 12:00


Users and behavior: your biggest security risk?

IT Security stream for risk managers, CISOs, administrators, IT architects, IT ops director, SOC analyst, security engineers, data analysts, security architects, compliancy officers, information managers,  cyber security directors

Welcome – Introduction

Secure what matters most: your apps, identities and data. 
In a world where all systems are connected many possible vulnerabilities exist and cybercriminals are very inventive in exploring these. Often criminals get in by using unsuspecting users: a phishing mail that results in a ransomware attack, an unreliable software download that contains malware. Humans errors, mistakes, accidental data loss, intentional data theft – how can you protect your data and digital assets against internal and external threats in this fast-changing world? This stream addresses users, their behavior and how to use analytics to monitor possible threats.

Speaker: José Kemp – Account Executive at Micro Focus

Admin behavior in a fast changing world
Admins are users too
Managing the complexity of on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments can be challenging and costly. Administrators need to learn how to use new tools and meanwhile keep an overview over all different environments. Shouldn’t it be possible to have insights and control with a single tool and a single pane of glass for all policies? During this session you will learn that keeping separate teams and tools for on-premises, hybrid IT and cloud is not necessary using the right tools, dashboards and reports.

Speaker: Michiel Pouw – Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

Protect and govern your sensitive data (in a hybrid environment)

Reduce compliance risks with right tools and policies
To store and share data users often go for the easiest way. Sharing with tools like DropBox or WeTranfer, storing on endpoints – without any notice that the data might be sensitive. In this way sensitive data can be ‘wandering around’ anywhere in the organization, unprotected on risky locations like sharepoints and employee laptops. This session addresses these issues and the Micro Focus solutions that can help help you solve them by implementing the right tools and policies to analyze data and protect sensitive information.

Client case:
Speaker: Chris Winter – Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

What did your users do last week?

How User Behavior Analysis can help securing your IT environment
Modern IT environments have to deal with many different kinds of threats: malware, data theft, intentional breaches by disgruntled employees, hackers that breached an account and act from the inside. Rule-based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) alone is not enough to monitor these risks and act on incidents, a smarter approach is needed. In this sessions you will learn how User Behavior Analysis (UBA) will help you secure your IT environment and why it is better than just SIEM.

Caspar Boot – Account Executive at Micro Focus
Vishal Mothie – Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

Zero Trust and Identity & Access Management

In this presentation you carn learn how a Zero Trust approach helps you to get to the right Identity & Access Management (IAM) measures for protection of access and privacy. Risk analysis combined with a pragmatic approach gets you the best results. Capitar Security uses its puzzle model as a high-level database of measures en explains three use cases.

Steven van der Linden – IAM and information security advisor at Capitar Security
Robert Wielinga – Business Consultant at Capitar Security