IAM Executive Day

3 and 4 October, Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen
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Identity & Access Management Executive Day

Your business needs access to information, but balanced with controls that secure protected information and help you meet government mandates. With Identity-Powered Access solutions, you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across local, mobile, and cloud environments. Our solutions use integrated identity information to create, modify, and retire identities and control their access.

3 and 4 October, Copenhagen

Let’s meet in Copenhagen on 3 and 4 October and discuss the Micro Focus integrated approach to Identity & Access Management. During these two days, Chris Barngrover, Security Strategist, will discuss the roadmap of our Identity Governance & Administration and Access management solutions, and take a deep dive in Privilege Management. These working times will be punctuated by more relaxing moments as we will share a savory dinner in the Meatpacking District.

IAM Executive Day

Thursday 3 October
& Friday 4 October 2019

Tivoli Hotel

Event focus areas

 Our subjects during these two days:

Identity Governance & Administration

Micro Focus delivers identity-centric security that reduces risk, improves experience, drives innovation and increases business value to organizations all over the world. We believe that starts with good governance. Governance that is adaptive, real time and secure. No more point in time certifications that open the organization to potential threats and failed audits.

During this seminar, we will discuss with our expert:

  • Our vision and futures around Identity Governance & Administration
  • How analytics can help provide insight and better intelligence
  • Why driving an adaptive governance solution makes the organization more Agile
  • Managing your unstructured data with your IGA solution

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Access Management

The Micro Focus Access Management solution enables you to secure applications and other web-based services and resources while delivering the best access experience to them for your users, whether they are internal, B2C, B2B or G2C.

We will take time and examine:

  • API economy – changing the landscape for Access Management?
  • Cloud services – how can we quickly manage access with a growing number of SaaS services?
  • Multi Factor Authentication – how to minimize your security silos and increase security

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Privilege Management

Implement identity-powered privilege management to reduce risk – apply policies that adjust privileges to reflect access requirements based on attributes in real time, employing the principle of “least privilege” so everyone and everything has just enough access to do the job (no more, no less.).

Micro Focus’ solutions helps you detect changes and tracks privilege activity to support governance and compliance – once controls are in place, monitor changes and privileged activity throughout the entire identity lifecycle to identify potential threats and ensure governance and compliance.

The final part of our seminar will be dedicated to unwrap Privilege Management:

  • Protect the keys to the kingdom – do you protect your most sensitive credentials with Multi Factor Authentication?
  • Superusers: do you know your superusers? From application to application, services, administrators, consultants, etc.
  • Are you aware of what your superusers are doing in your systems?

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