Realize 2020

Virtual Event – Nordics
Wednesday 18 November

Agenda 18 November

Micro Focus Realize 2020 on Tuesday 18 November is a virtual event, held in a special digital venue. The agenda is split in three streams covering specific focus areas. On 18 November you can choose to follow one of the three streams and watch the other two later that week.

Digital transformation Streams

10:00 – 12:00

IT Operations Management

AIOps in a cloudy world: What is real and what is hype?

Dr. Lars Rossen – Fellow, CTO Office at Micro Focus

The world is all at rage about AI and managing digital AIOps is the buzzword of the day. In this session we will examine what is real and what is hype.
The first recognition is that AIOps is more Ops than AI. In fact, a lot of AIOps is really about getting a 360 degree view across your operating landscape and then automate it ruthlessly. In the talk we will give examples on practical approaches to getting to the promised land of AIOps.

Key Takeaways:

  • What does 360 degree view mean and how to get it in a hybrid world.
  • The need to rethink the balance between what the systems do and what humans do in the new world.
  • Part of the “AI” moves inside the platforms. Ops needs to deal with not being in control of that.
  • There will still be a lot of not anticipated issues to deal with. This is where good operations and systems will show their strength.
Use case: Sykehuspartner

Special guest: Ketil Hugdahl, Senior Advisor at Sykehuspartner

Time for Q &A

12:00 – 14:00

Application Delivery Management

How do you meet the demands of modern application delivery?

Jerry Saelemakers – Presales Manager Devops/ADM Northern Europe at Micro Focus

Evolve from traditional performance testing to performance engineering
In many organizations, there is the notion that performance testing is a late-stage risk assessment, often correlated with load testing, and conducted in a linear fashion by only QA. Does it work? Yes, but testing performance at the end leaves no room for sharing feedback, suggesting improvements, or enabling collaboration across the team. Modern software teams need a more evolved approach, one that goes beyond traditional performance testing and extends into the end-user experience.

In this session you will get a good understanding of how Micro Focus is supporting a proactive, continuous performance engineering discipline.

This enables organizations to deploy high-performing apps that surpass customer expectations using the LoadRunner Family’s integrated set of end-to-end performance engineering solutions, spanning developers to performance engineers, with right-sized tools for all team members, incorporating intelligent analytics, and supporting extensive integrations with DevOps and application performance monitoring software.

All questions you have will be answered in a personal mail after the event

14:00 – 16:00

Application Modernization & Connectivity

Digital Transformation through Mainframe Modernization

Simon Musgrave – Presales & PS Leader International,
AMC (Application Modernization & Connectivity) at Micro Focus

In this stream we will look at the evolution of IT and how that has driven the evolution of application modernization and migration, showing the change in business drivers across the years. Bringing us back to today, we will cover how Micro Focus, working with its customers, has evolved its solutions to support this market and how a simple first step could help you with your own journey.

IDC Presentation: the changing shape of Digital Transformation

Martin Sundblad – Research Manager at IDC

The current pandemic has brought profound changes to digital transformation (DX), but the underlying drivers have remained, thought priorities have shifted towards mobility, automation and collaboration. In order to optimize customer experience and meet customer and user demands, backend applications are in a continuous transformation, while the march to the cloud has been intensified. Join IDC’s Research Manager Martin Sundblad ‘s presentation and get a broader perspective on your digital transformation efforts.

Microsoft Presentation: Azure as a new Cloud based alternative

Bob Ellsworth – Director, Mainframe Transformation, Azure Applications
and Infrastructure Solutions at Microsoft

Azure is the new Mainframe. Over the past 2 years, Azure has become the preferred destination for Mainframe Transformation. This has been accomplished through technology advancements, which deliver the Reliability, Availability and Serviceability required for mission critical mainframe workloads. Learn how to profit from these developments during Bob Ellsworth’s presentation.

All questions you have will be answered in a personal mail after the event